IndoCMS.net customers must read, understand and agree to the following agreement before deciding to use the services of IndoCMS.net. You must continue to accept this agreement as long as you become our client, including replacements and permitted to substitute it. This Agreement is made in such a way for the common good, also for the security & privacy of customers in using IndoCMS.net services.

Terms of software IndoCMS.net :

  1. Consumers are prohibited from trading / renting software from IndoCMS.net without written permission from IndoCMS.net.
  2. Consumers are prohibited from using IndoCMS.net software on the number of domains exceeding the specified license.
  3. Consumers are prohibited from using IndoCMS.net software for activities that are contrary to applicable law in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia or to laws set forth in the jurisdiction of the customer's residence or international law. IndoCMS.net is not responsible for the content of the buyer's site, the buyer is solely responsible for the content of his / her own website (including the username & password held by the buyer under the responsibility of the buyer himself).
  4. Consumers have approved the form and system of products obtained in accordance with the demo unless there is an agreement in advance between IndoCMS.net with the Consumer regarding modification or addition of modules if possible.
  5. IndoCMS.net is obliged to provide a way to fix any error that occurs in IndoCMS.net software for 1 year after purchase. If possible, IndoCMS.net can also directly fix errors in the software.
  6. IndoCMS.net is not responsible for the addition / modification / reduction of service / module / design from IndoCMS.net software, unless there is agreement between both parties (consumer and IndoCMS.net).
  7. IndoCMS.net is responsible for installing software from IndoCMS.net, if the hosting of the software is provided from IndoCMS.net, and not from other parties. Hosting and domains will be registered to 3rd party that has been determined by IndoCMS.net. If the consumer chooses to use hosting from parties outside IndoCMS.net, then IndoCMS.net is not responsible for software installation from IndoCMS.net.
  8. IndoCMS.net is only responsible for the first installation, in the future it will be reinstalled, then it becomes the full responsibility of the consumer.

Special Conditions :

  1. Parties IndoCMS.net reserves the right to delete customer accounts if payment / transfers have not been received by IndoCMS.net or unauthorized payment.
  2. The funds already paid to IndoCMS.net, can not be refunded for any reason if the consumer canceled the contract unilaterally. All fees determined by IndoCMS.net must be fully paid by the customer.
  3. IndoCMS.net reserves the right to terminate the contract unilaterally if the customer performs a bad or malicious conduct or does not overreact or exceeds the limits of decency.
  4. IndoCMS.net reserves the right to display the license Developed by IndoCMS.net in every product available at IndoCMS.net.
    1. For Consumers who want to change this license, can pay with the price determined from IndoCMS.net.
    2. IndoCMS.net reserves the right to suspend an account if the customer changes the license without the knowledge and consent of IndoCMS.net.
  5. IndoCMS.net reserves the right to display the customer's Website address on our Customer List. This will only benefit the customer because the customer will get additional visitors / traffic from our Customer List.
  6. The process of domain and hosting extension is the sole responsibility of the consumer. IndoCMS.net party has no obligation to remind or give warning if the hosting contract and / or domain will or has expired.
  7. All products in IndoCMS.net are licensed and encrypted. Apply 1 license for 1 domain.
  8. Product only support on linux server (PHP MySQL).

Violations of the above rules & conditions, IndoCMS.net may :

  1. Give a strong warning 1 (one) time and impose a fine of up to Rp 5.000.000.
  2. If two warnings remain ignored and remain in violation, IndoCMS.net will terminate the service unilaterally against the customer without any obligation to refund the rent.